1st Corinthians 12:26

If one part suffers we all suffer, if one part is honored we are all glad.





To raise local and national awareness of the persecution to our Christian brothers and sisters around the world and encourage prayer for them.

To encourage greater action and involvement by we that are more fortunate.

Uplift those that have been persecuted because they are followers of Jesus by providing financial aid through food, shelter, education, business opportunities and, guidance where possible.


APRIL 2015

I stopped by a McDonald s one morning for a breakfast biscuit where I ran into Frances and Charles Painter. We chatted for a while and Frances asked me about the orange ribbon I was wearing. That gave me an opportunity to tell them about my new mission and ask them to pray for the persecuted church. Francis reached in her purse and gave me $5 dollar. That was the very first donation to OOR.

This act of kindness had a serious impact on me and helped give me the confidence to continue to develop OOR. THANK YOU, FRANCES AND CHARLES.


In the past issues of our newsletter, we have written about poverty and the devastating impact physically and emotionally.  It is exceedingly difficult to rise above poverty in many countries even if you are young, strong and health. Sometime a helping boost is much needed. 

We are putting together a pilot project to help start a business for a Persecuted Christian that would allow the candidates to earn addition income to support their families, and to give them hope and dignity.

There are many elements required to get this project worked out. We are trying to develop a system that is delectable. Our plan could not work without a dedicated team on the ground in the country that we have identified. We feel that we have a team that can make this work.

The team consists of:  

1.    OOR to provide finances, guidance, accountability, and prayer.

2.     A missionary and wife team to identify the candidate, provide spiritual guidance. Help identify business opportunities that would fit the talents of the candidate and community. 

3.    A trusted person to disperse finances in accordance with agreed upon parameters and keep financial records. In this case another trusted missionary.

4.    experienced businessperson to guide the candidate and hold accountable. (also, a missionary/businessman)

These parameters are in place with our first candidate.

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Meet Kate, (not her real name) the first candidate for starting a business. She is a very new Christian, converted several months ago, from the Islamic faith. Living in Mombasa, Kenya. Mother of 5 children, one disabled. Her husband is of the Islamic faith and has recently added another wife. He also is involved with witchcraft. 

Kate has lived an exceedingly difficult life. Her husband does not provide for the family. To feed her children, she goes door to door asking if she may do laundry for her neighbors. The pandemic has made this much more difficult and much less rewarding.

Kate, working with our missionary team put a business plan together. They decided to sell used clothing i.e., deras, khangas, and bed sheets. Deras are traditional Kenyan colorful dresses and Khangas are large colorful scarfs. (SEE BELOW)


The above video was produced in 2017.when ISIS was making headlines. There are few headlines today about persecuted Christian, however persecution is worse to day than ever. In 2017 240,000,000

Christians lived under severe persecution. Today 340,000,000 people live under persecution in over 50 countries. Time to take a stand. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Matthew 5:10 "Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness...

Status of the youth

We are not using their real names

The two sisters, Nancy and Samantha, lost their home of 7 years. The landlord converted their house into a Muslim restaurant. The family of 2 adults and 5 children were forced to live in one small room. One of our partner missionaries took Samantha to live at the mission compound. OOR provided the funds to pay the food expense for the older brother, Frank to live with another Christian family. Nancy visits her sister and stays overnight occasionally.

Kent’s family is dysfunctional. However, he persevers, works his part-time job and goes to school. He is demonstrating leadership qualities. He is a leader with his young friends and sometimes take the lead in worship.

Sharon was moved to a room near Kenya Medical College. She will start classes on campus.

Please lift these young people in your prayer. They are the future.


We are pleased to announce that all 5 of the youth that you sponsor are back to school this semester. This made us and the parents incredibly happy.

File photo

My attempt at a little humor.


On February 3rd, the OOR team held a meeting with our Pastors Advisory Council (PAC). We meet several times a year.

The PAC's purpose is twofold; one is to advise us as to what pastors and churches need and secondly hold us accountable that we are staying true to our mission.

We reported our activities for 2020 and our plans for 2021. The feedback for our 2021 plan from the PAC members was exceedingly helpful to keep us moving forward.

The council is made up of four pastors from various denominations. 

Rev. Eric Boggs     Beech Springs Church  Pentecostal       

Pelzer, SC              

Rev. Dennis Smith   Greater New Hope Baptist Church              

Simpsonville, SC

Rev. Shane Donald.  Cedar Shoals Baptist Church                 

Belton, SC

Rev. Ben Hill.        Grace Point (Nondenominational)              

Simpsonville, SC

The first three pastors have been with us from the beginning while Pastor Hill just recently joined our team.

                                     PASTOR BEN HILL

We are overly excited that pastor Hill has joined our PAC team. Pastor Hill will be a great asset to our OOR team, particularly in missions. He was born in Trinidad, West Indies, the son of a missionary parents. After he committed his life to Christ serve 7 years as International Church Planter and Director of Discipleship for Global Missions Fellowship out of Dallas Tx. He has led multiple missions to Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Russia, and Asia.  Pastor Hill has pastored three churches in South Carolina.

  Rev Ben Hill